Foreign demand for property in Spain increased by 11% to 17,338 purchases recorded by the Association of Spanish Land Registrars, according to their latest report.

The overall Spanish property market increased by 12% with 134,196 recorded sales in the period.

Local demand growth was 12.6%, outpacing foreign demand and leaving the market share of foreign buyers down a fraction to just under 13%.

Brexit notwithstanding, the British were still the biggest group of foreign buyers with 15% of the foreign market, almost double the size of the next biggest group – the French.

A chart comparing the evolution of British, French, and German demand over recent quarters illustrates how British demand is once again growing faster than the other two big markets, and heading back towards a dominant position.

Overall, the latest figures show that foreign buyers are still keen to buy property in Spain.


Source: Spanish Property Insight


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